Introducing the Aerolenz Skylight Insulation System designed to upgrade new and existing skylights.

Skylights are the least insulated feature of a typical building, and are therefore the largest energy hole. If your home or office has skylights, you can now insulate them with Aerolenz Skylight Insulation.

This system creates a continuous thermal barrier between the interior and exterior of the building and performs better than any insulated skylight on the market today.

Aerolenz Skylight Insulation comes in two R-Values (R-4/R-7) and in two light transmittance levels. Please see the performance values page for more details.

Make your building more comfortable, reduce harmful UV rays and lower your utility bills.

All Aerolenz skylight insulation systems include Lumira® aerogel panels. These panels come in three standard thicknesses and in two standard light transmittance levels. Clear panels are recommended for climate zones 4-7. Opal panels are primarily used in climate zones 7-9. The test data below, has been provided by a third party testing laboratory.