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Products that Humidify, Ventilate and Filtrate Air.

Heating and air-conditioning systems keep families warm in winter, cool in summer. But, do little to improve air quality in your home. A total HVAC system should include a furnace, air filter, humidifier, make-up-air unit and air conditioner. Not having a total HVAC system can cause the circulation of harmful, contaminated air throughout the home, causing what is referred to in the profession as "sick house" syndrome. Skuttle….a trusted name since 1917, manufactures efficient, reliable, affordable Indoor Air Quality products that make homes comfortable and healthier to live in, the whole year through..

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High-Capacity Steam Humidifier

  • An Excellent Choice for Heat Pumps and High-Efficiency Heating Systems.
  • Features Comes with Skuttle Automatic Flushing Timer and Chlorine Removal Filter60webtimer
  • Thermal fan interlock control allows unit to humidify air without furnace heat
  • Uses minimal water
  • Corrosion-resistant, low water, safety cutoff switch and built-in overflow protection provide peace of mind
  • Compact size makes unit ideal where space is at a premium
  • Output capacity of 13.0 gallons per day
  • Comes standard with the new Skuttle Compustat humidifier control that automatically adjusts to your home's relative humidity based on the outdoor temperature and your preferred level of comfort

Moisture Output Capacity
Lbs. per Hour: 4.5
Gallons per Hour (GPH): 0.54
Gallons per Day: 13.0
Internal Heating Source: 1.5 kw, 120V., 12.5 amps incoloy sheathed element 

Home/Humidifier Sizing Chart


Ratings and calculations are from ARI 630. Computed at 13 GPD at 120 degrees Fahrenheit for 8 ft. ceiling height.

Tight House = Insulated walls and ceilings; vapor barriers; weather stripping on doors and windows; snug doors, windows and fireplace damper. One-half air change per hour.

Average House = Insulated walls and ceilings; vapor barriers; loose doors, windows and fireplace damper. One air change per hour.

Loose House = No insulation, storm doors, storm windows, weather stripping or vapor barriers. Two air changes per hour.
Indoor Air Quality Control


First and Best in "UVC for HVAC™"


Improve indoor air quality (IAQ) and eliminate mold, bacteria and other contaminants in schools, commercial buildings, health care facilities, food processing plants and homes.


The solution is Steril-Aire's multi-patented UVC Emitters™. These safe yet powerful UVC lights work within your existing heating and air conditioning system to kill both surface and airborne microorganisms and prevent the spread of infectious diseases caused by viruses and bacteria.

In addition to the health benefits, they also save money by reducing HVAC energy costs and eliminating the need for costly coil cleaning programs. Steril-Aire germicidal UVC lamps are the best equipment in IAQ technology today.