Helio-Pak Helix SS PV or AC:

  • SRCC OG-300 System Certified
  • Simple to install
  • Complete package
  • High performance, similar to dual pumped systems
  • Application designed thermosyphon heat exchanger
  • For use with up to 96 ft2 of Gobi Collector surface area
  • No electricity usage
  • Elegant Helix Shield
  • Perfect with new Energy Smart Tank for single tank installations

Helix PV brochure

Each packaged system includes:

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  • One or more Gobi Collectors
  • Blind Unions, for capping off unused header connections
  • Flush Mounting hardware
  • The Helio-Pak Helix SS heat transfer unit with Helix Shield
  • Circulation power station:
  • Helix PV pump station, prewired, simple to connect to Gobi inlet header
  • Helix AC pump and control module, with sensors
  • Detailed Installation and Operation Manual

Optional equipment:

  • A storage tank, which can be part of the package or purchased locally
  • Adjustable racks for collector tilt
  • Dyn-O-Flo HD, high temperature, non-toxic antifreeze for solar systems
  • Cal Code kit with air vent and safety cold water mixing valve

Hubbell Electro-Mechanical provides insulated copper piping to connect the Helio-Pak HX SS SW CL heat transfer unit to the tank and to and from the collector, as well as some other minor installation materials.

Collectors must be accompanied by appropriately sized storage tank: 1.5 to 2.0 Gallons / ft2 of Gobi Collector surface area.

An excellent option for yearround solar heating in any climate and in near or remote locations, the PV system derives both the heating and pumping power from the sun.

Protecting the collectors against both freezing and hard water deposits, this system is durable and efficient. Modular and easy to install. With the PV option, it requires no control, sensors, or wiring.

Rugged of construction, this system is safe in all areas and provides the best protection against inclement weather.