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Whether you have a leaky faucet, need a water heater replacement, or hire a plumbing contractor for a bathroom remodel, Hubbell-Electro can help you with all your residential plumbing service needs. Our technicians are trained and certified to provide professional, reliable repairs and installations. We pride ourselves on providing the personal service that only a locally owned and operated business can offer.

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  • Kitchen & bathroom plumber
  • New construction & remodels
  • Faucet replacement & repair
  • Water pipe leak location & repair
  • Sewer line repair & street cuts
  • Gas leak detection
  • Gas pipe repair
  • Rain catchment systems
  • Water heater replacement
  • Water filtration & treatment
  • Septic systems
  • Inspection, consultation, & design
  • Solar water heater installation & repair
  • Utility line locating

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bathroom renovations, bathroom fixtures


 Here are several bathroom upgrades to think about...

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bathroom body spa

A Body Spa

Customized showering to rejuvenate your body. Turn Your Bathroom into a Spa-at-Home with a Heated Tile Floor Your bathroom can be turned into a personal spa of body-embracing warmth and luxury with the inclusion of electric floor warming. Perhaps you've even experienced it in a hotel or in a Spa: the heat radiates up through the tiles and allows for a warm, cozy feeling when you step on the floor.

bathroom towel_warmer

A Towel Warmer

On a cold morning, wrap yourself in a warm towel

bathroom lighting

Bathroom Lighting

Add an Extra Touch of Luxury and Convenience to Your Bathroom Experience With Bathroom Lighting: Avoid the Shadow Trap Adding lamps in your bathroom are often necessary to avoid the shadow trap 

When planning the lighting for your bathroom, be careful not to fall into the shadow trap. Recessed lighting fixtures are very popular these days and are usually recommended by the contractors. If you are relying on them as your sole source of illumination at your vanity you will fall into the shadow trap.


chromatherapyshower, shower therapy






Chromatherapy Helps You Relax

Chromatherapy Helps You Relax. Small streams of color can be shone through either standing or running water, where their hues diffuse with enhanced intensity. You can now buy bathtubs, shower systems and sinks with chromatherapy options.


Steam Shower

A Steam Shower

Enjoy the safe, soothing comfort of a steam bath


fogg-free-index mirrorSteam Free Mirror

Enjoying the luxury of stepping out of your warm shower in front of a perfectly clear mirror has never been so easy... and affordable. You can usually find them in luxury homes or high-end hotels: these simple steam-free systems install conveniently behind any fixed mirror to keep the steam away.