Frequently Asked Questions

How long has Hubbell Electro-Mechanical been in business?

Since January 1980 or just over 40 years. During this time, we’ve done all sorts  of plumbing, heating, electrical and HVAC work from housing subdivisions, scientific  facilities at LANL, hotels and office buildings. 

What exactly is a “mini-split”?

This term is used to compare it with “Unitary systems” where there’s one large  central heating and/or cooling plant. With a mini-split, each room of the house can be a  separate zone and create its own environment. In other words, it can create multiple “mini” environments for heating and cooling.

What are the advantages of a “mini-split”?

  1. You can add them to just a single room if you have temperature-control  problems, and they can be expanded later for other rooms; 
  2. Unlike many unitary systems they’re virtually noiseless; 
  3. They’re equipped with 3-stage filtration that reduces viruses, pollens, dust, bacteria, smoke, etc. that aids in respiratory health. We have many testimonials from  our customers in this regard;
  4. Gas-fired unitary systems can be very drying; heat pumps far, far less drying. 5. We’ve converted many, many homes with failed radiant systems to 100%  mini-splits. It’s very economical and provides 100% cooling as well.

What’s a heat pump?

A heat pump is a reverse air conditioner. During winter months there’s abundant  heat in the atmosphere that can be “harvested” by a heat pump and economically used to  heat your home. They operate efficiently down to -15 F. 

Can I use a heat pump in conjunction with my solar panels?

Absolutely. Many of our clients generate electricity with solar panels and use this  to power their mini-splits for heating and cooling.

How long does an installation take?

A single-zone system will take about a day; a 5-zone system, less than a week.

Do you sell other brands besides Mitsubishi Electric?

Mitsubishi Electric was the pioneer of ductless heat pump mini-splits in the 1980s  and have always been a leader in this technology. We can get any brand you want but see  no reason to specify and install anything but Mitsubishi Electric. Their compressor and  parts warranty is 12 years—unsurpassed in the industry. Our labor warranty is 5 years.

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