Installation Standards for Mitsubishi Electric Systems


Installation Standards for Mitsubishi Electric SystemsOver the last 5 years Hubbell Electro-Mechanical has installed over 1,000 Mitsubishi Electric heating/air-conditioning units in Santa Fe, Albuquerque and northern NM. During this time we’ve constantly refined and improved our installation standards in many ways, both large and small. Your installation will be “the best that money can buy.”

Our goal is to install your Mitsubishi Electric system: a.) to the very highest standards of the trade, utilizing methods and materials that insure long and trouble-free service and optimum performance, b.) so there’s little if any visible piping or wiring, c.) to minimize disruption to your household both from a time and cleanliness standpoint, and d.) add you to our list of “more-than-satisfied” customers.

To this end:

1.  All work will be done or supervised by factory-trained technicians. Our technicians will co-ordinate your project and explain the process with you on a daily basis. They’ll work 6-8 hours/day until the project is complete. “Factory-trained” means just that: we continually invest in professional training to insure that our technicians are highly-skilled and up-to-date with current procedures.

2.  Care will be taken to locate outdoor units where they’re least visible from ground level. These units will generally mounted on roof. Piping and wiring will proceed across the roof and enter the building on the inside of the parapets, concealing them from view.

3.  Electrical circuits will be installed in metallic conduit where located outside of building, and armored cable or Romex where located inside of building. Surface-mounted wiring will be allowed in garage and storage areas. Each outdoor unit will include code-required electrical disconnect and 110 volt convenience outlet.

4. Insulated refrigerant piping will be premium “Gel-Copper”. This is a UV and rodent-resistant product that will far outlast foam insulation used by the trades.